“The Lost Journals” Thank you, Cheltenham!

Cheltenham 2019 group smOn August 31st 2019, “The Lost Journals” show was performed at the Cheltenham Playhouse in front of the full theatre! The piece, consisting of the combination of the songs from Clive’s three musicals: “She”, “Alchemy” and “King’s Ransom”, was a full theatre production featuring the biggest cast so far. The Caamora Theatre Company rose to this new challenge with professionalism and passion, offering the audience a taste of Clive Nolan’s musical genius in a nutshell.

Clive Nolan: “So here we are... after nearly a year in the making ‘The Lost Journals’ show is done and performed! Thank you so much to all who took part in this one. Despite a few microphone problems, this night ran extremely smoothly. I think everyone did an amazing job and really brought “The Lost Journals” to life. I know a lot of hard work went into this show, and I really appreciate all the efforts... well done guys!”

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Caamora Norway “King’s Ransom” Rehearsals!

Wintercamp group smallThe rehearsals for the Caamora Norway production of Clive Nolan’s musical “King’s Ransom” have begun. In February the cast of over 35 artists gathered to rehearse in costumes for what will be a semi-theatrical show featuring the live band, soloists and the chorus. The shows will take place in September 2020 in Norway. Tickets are available now!

Clive Nolan: “Three cheers for the 'Viking work ethic'! Having just got back from the “winter camp rehearsal weekend' in Norway, I can say we are definitely in good shape for the shows later in the year. These guys worked long and hard, and the results were clear to see. Brilliant - Well done everyone! That was fun.”

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“Salvation Has A Name” Video!

Salvation shotIn September 2018, Clive Nolan together with the director Neil Monaghan, and “King’s Ransom” cast members: Chris Lewis (Edwin Deeks) and Gemma Ashley (Eva Bonaduce), travelled to Norway to film one of the musical’s anthems, “Salvation Has A Name”. The group was joined by an extensive number of the Caamora Norway artists, as well as the Norwegian film crew: Dag W. Grundseth and Olav Urdahl. The filming took place over two days at the Høytorp fort in Mysen and marked the beginning of “The Professor King’s Chronicles” location test filming.

Neil Monaghan: “This is the fourth test film we have shot ahead of going into full production. This number, taken from “King's Ransom”, allowed us to test the viability of shooting in Norway as well as experimenting with some 3D computer generated shots. Our Norwegian partners were fantastic as ever and made the whole shoot an absolute pleasure. Thanks also to Chris Lewis who excels as Edwin Deeks.”

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“The Lost Journals” Theatre Show in 2019!

The Lost journals smallClive Nolan and The Caamora Theatre Company presents ‘The Lost Journals’ - a brand new presentation, featuring the music of ‘She’, 'Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ along with exclusive new material. The theatre show will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse on August 31st, 2019. Tickets are available online HERE and can also be purchased directly from the theatre.

Clive Nolan: “Next year, the Caamora UK group will be performing a special show called ‘The Lost Journals’. This performance will feature some of the best songs and moments from my musicals ‘She’, ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ as well as some new material… all presented in a brand new context! This will be an exciting and fun production, and will feature many of our singers, past and present. Don’t miss it!”








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Filming Session in Norway!

film NorwayClive Nolan: “Filming is now wrapped on the "Salvation has a Name" promo video... as directed by Neil Monaghan with the incredible crew, Dag W. Grundseth, Olav Urdahl and Ben Pickering. A massive thanks to all, you wonderful people, from Caamora Norway - you all looked after us brilliantly and worked so hard! Fantastic job guys!

Well done Chris Lewis for your tireless efforts fronting this video. Thanks to Gemma Ashley for her patience and boundless good humour and to Magdalena Grabias for her organising and her portrayal of the mad spinning woman! And to Elisabeth Syrdahl Ellingsen for helping us with the 'dance routine'! Thank you too Ingar Diskerud and Siren Iversen Diskerud for the use of the barn and access to all those wonderful props! I would list each and every one of you if I could, but for now I will simply thank Morten L Clason without whom this just wouldn't be happening!”

The new video clip for “Salvation Has A Name" from Clive Nolan's musical "King's Ransom", directed by Neil Monaghan of Suspicious Character Films and filmed in Norway in cooperation with Caamora Norway will be coming soon! Please visit the Professor King Chronicles website to keep up to date with developments, and remember... we need your support in bringing "Alchemy" and "King's Ransom” to the cinema!

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CH 2018 group smOn September 8th the Cheltenham Playhouse saw the return of Clive Nolan and his troupe, The Caamora Theatre Company. The 2018 rendition of Clive’s third musical, “King’s Ransom”, was performed to commemorate the life and work of Clive’s long-time friend and the show’s original director, Ian Baldwin.

Clive Nolan: "This year’s performance of “King's Ransom” saw everyone up their game yet again. Following the excellent directorial structure provided by the omnipresent Ian Baldwin, with a few terrific tweaks thanks to Ross Andrews’ supervisory role, we had our best show yet. I hope Ian would be very proud!

I’m not going to start writing lists of ‘thank yous’ or ‘special mentions’. It’s simple… The cast, the crew and the audience were, without exception, brilliant… thank you so much for making this very emotional tribute to Ian such a memorable one."

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It’s Movie Time!

Prof King Chrinicles fb smClive Nolan: “It’s movie time guys! As you may know, I have signed both ‘Alchemy' and ‘King’s Ransom’ to a film company with a view to bringing these musicals to the silver screen. As always for such a project, we need your support. Remember, we are not attempting to ‘fundraise' here, we are looking for investors. If you put money in, we have every hope and intention that you will get it back, with due rewards.

We have just returned from Norway where we were scouting for possible locations for both of the movies. It’s important that we keep moving forward with the project while we work on raising the budget. I’m glad to say we have found a whole load of great locations, which will hopefully feature in these films!

Now is the time to raise awareness of the project, and with that in mind I’d like to invite you to visit our website and our new ‘Professor King Chronicles’ Facebook page where we will be keeping you informed about the development and production of these movies. We need your support for this, so please ‘like’ and follow us… be part of the magic!”

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”King’s Ransom” VINYL Pre-sale!

KR vinyl promo square smClive Nolan’s third musical (first released on CD in 2017) is now out on vinyl. “King’s Ransom” vinyl will be released by We Låve Rock Music! in Norway and it will constitute an attractive set of 3 deep red vinyl records, triple gatefold cover featuring artwork by Mark Buckingham and the whole set of lyrics printed on the sleeves. The vinyl is now available for pre-sale online from We Låve Rock Music! (Norway), and our ONLINE STORE (UK).

Clive Nolan: “This is a very exciting development in the adventure of “King’s Ransom” – a triple vinyl release – it’s a thing of beauty. I want one! A massive thank you to the Vikings for the initiative and releasing the vinyl. You never stop surprising!”

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Farewell to Ian Baldwin!

Ian B

It is with great sadness we inform you that Ian Baldwin, our talented director, a fantastic guy and a beloved friend, passed away on Sunday, January 21st. Ian joined the Caamora Theatre Company in 2013. Within the last 5 years he directed the theatre versions of all 3 of Clive Nolan's musicals: "Alchemy" (2014, 2015, 2017), "She" (2015, 2016) and "King's Ransom" (2017). The shows were performed in Cheltenham and in the off-West End in London and were all successful, enjoyable, and met with enthusiasm of critics and audiences alike. Ian will also be remembered for an array of wonderful performances in all the shows, especially the comedy parts - the roles of Job in "SHE" and Captain Fergus Maunder in "King's Ransom". We will all remember his creative genius, persistence, patience, reliability, great sense of humour, wit, and warmth. Thank you for everything, Ian. You will not be forgotten!

Clive Nolan: "Ian passed away this morning - this is heartbreaking - a great guy and the best ‘partner in crime’ I could have wished for... Rest in peace old son - your story is not over yet!"




‘The Professor King Chronicles’

The Professor King Chronicles smClive: “At the end of last year, I signed a major contract with a film production company, with a view to turning both ‘Alchemy’ and ‘King’s Ransom’ into full theatrical-release feature films.

This is a very exciting development in the ongoing journey of these musicals. As with any film project it is now all about raising the budget. Since both stories share some characters and locations, we plan to shoot the movies back to back. This will
dramatically lower the overall production cost.

This is not a fundraising exercise where people very kindly donate money. This is a significant investment opportunity in a large-scale project, with a real chance of making a profit.

We already have many extremely talented cast members, but we will also be recruiting named actors, singers and musical theatre stars to give the films solid commercial appeal. Naturally our budget level is a determining factor in which stars we can attract.

We have produced a detailed investment prospectus available to anyone interested in joining us. Simply private message me and I’ll send you the information.

As a taster, here is a SHORT VIDEO outlining our plans.

Is this an ambitious plan? Certainly.
But it is costed, realistic and achievable. Why not join us and become part of something truly special?”


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