"The Lost Journals" 2019

On August 31st 2019, “The Lost Journals” show was performed at the Cheltenham Playhouse in front of the full theatre! The piece, consisting of the combination of the songs from Clive’s three musicals: “She”, “Alchemy” and “King’s Ransom”, was a full theatre production featuring the biggest cast so far.


The lost journals group


Principal Cast

Clive Nolan – Professor Samuel King
Ross Andrews- Jacob Alderdyce/Benjamin Greaves
Andy Sears – Lord Henry Jagman/Job
Gemma Ashley - Eva Bonaduce
Chris Lewis - Horace Holly/Edwin Deeks
Robbie Gardner – Tom Worthy
Jamie Anderson - William Gardelle
Joy-Amy Wigman - Helena Blake
Chris Longman - Colonel Luther Scovil
Natalie Barnett – Ayesha/Restoration Ghost/A Girl
Iain Barton – Captain Fergus Maunder/Street Seller 3
Ryan Morgan - Leo Vincey/Captain Joseph Farrell
Harrie Thomas- Jessamine/Dr Josephine Kendrick/ Paper Boy
Anne Cambridge - Mrs. Jane Muncey/Amelia Darvas
Laura Piazzai - Makaria
Paul Cambridge – Street Seller 1
Ollie West – Street Seller 2
Ethan Barnett – Roman Ghost
Caron Morgan – Tudor Ghost


Lost journals 1


The Chorus:
Colin Greene
Vincent Dortel
Iain Donnelly
Ron Milsom
Paul Cambridge
Ollie West
Ethan Barnett
Caron Morgan
Natalie Barnett
Ross Andrews
Joy-Amy Wigman
Iain Barton


Lost journbals 2


Director: Ross Andrews
Producer/Musical Director: Clive Nolan